AmnesiaGames was founded in 2006 by Alejandro Woywood and students from his course “Game Creation” of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile.

In the beginning, games were made for mobile phones using J2ME, SMS and WML technologies. Back then we decided to make games in a work-for-hire basis, making games and apps for clients such as Nokia, advertising agencies, mobile operators and othe rbig clients, securing a regular income that allowed the company to grow safe and steadily.

AmnesiaGames' big break came in 2010, when we won a regional contest by Nokia. Since then we started making our own games and publishing them ourselves.

We also created and managed the mobile portal of ENTEL PCS and CLARO from 2007 to 2012, supporting 20 million pageviews monthly. That's a completely different line of business, but was a great challenge and fun.

Nowadays we create games and apps.


AmnesiaGames strong point is our ability to make multiplatform 2D games. We have created games for almost all mobile platforms, but currently we're focused on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Flash, HTML5, PC, Mac and portable consoles like the Sony PS Vita.

AmnesiaGames developed a multiplatform engine that allows to target multiple platforms with the same code base. This means that the game development process ends with a compatible version for 6 to 8 platforms in the same time that another single platform engine makes only 1 version. We also can develop native in all platforms. We also use Unity for some of our projects.


We've made about 26 games. Most of them are public in the Games section of this website. Others are confidential because of NDA agreements (made for hire).