AmnesiaGames is a Chilean company which makes games and apps for mobile platforms. Our headquarters are in Santiago, Chile.

Long story short? We LOVE making games!!! And when we're not too busy making them, we are also playing!
You can contact us with this form, or by our Facebook fan page

- Jobs: we're not hiring. We only accept people that have already worked in videogames or apps.

- Internship (practicas): We do accept "practicantes" with no experience but great potential. Most stay working with us. Be sure to send a link to your portfolio.

- Quotes (Cotizaciones): please include a) reference apps or games that are similar to your project b) how much time do you have c) target platforms (iOS, Android, etc). Please consider that making a game or apps is not as cheap as making a Website. We are the best developers in town.