Posted on Lunes, noviembre 19, 2012 in Events Attended, Ninja Joe, Opinions, Win 8

Hello :D How are you guys?

Last Wednesday Drew Robbins, Development and Innovation Manager of Microsoft Corp, came directly from Seatlle, USA to talk with the developers present at WOWZAPP about the new stuff that Windows8 has … now the cool part is that one of the things he showed was Ninja Joe! You can see an interview in spanish here! WOWZAPP Interview

Now this is pretty interesting, but speaking about Windows 8, have you guys tryed it yet? As always there are people reluctant to using new Windows things until a few months have past and all details are out, aka, all the dirt and all the — lets say diamonds or easter eggs ….

In my experience for example Win 7 has worked perfectly for me … but I team up with tose people who prefare to wait a few months while other people test drive …  (just yesterday a friend of mine saw that skype multi-video-chat didn´t work on Win 8 … for now, probably in a few weeks they will fix that).




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